Long Polling

For expensive operations we implement a server side controlled polling background jobs mechanism called “Long Polling”.
Let’s take for example the zipping of a folder. If the user wants to download the zip of a large folder, it requires a lot of time to prepare the zip file.
To maximize user feedback possibility the initial request will complete successfully and start a background job. The request will also provide a url where the client can poll for the result.
Furthermore the polling requests are not immediatly returned by the server but are delayed depending on how often the jobs has already been polled for.
For some polling jobs it is also not possible to start multiple instances. For example there can only be one running zip job.
See the table below for a explanation on which jobs can be started multiple times at once.
Overview for all Polling Jobs:

Name Description Mulitple startable at once
Copy Job Copy a folder or file somewhere else in the tree. false
Move Job Move a folder or file somewhere else in the tree. true
Remove Job Remove a folder or file from the trash. true
Restore Job Restore a folder or file from the trash. false
Rights Job Changing rights (read, write, delete) for roles. false
Search Job Search for a folder or file inside the tree. false
Trash Job Get the content of the user’s trash. false
Zip Job Creating a zip file for a folder, file or gallery. false